5th Annual Compliance Monitoring Forum

February 8, 2017 Philadelphia, PA

"Approaches for Monitoring Value-Added Services and Donations or Grants to Avoid Kickback Allegations and FCPA Actions," 8:45 AM on Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Speaker: Jennifer A. Romanski

Attendee: Keren F. Bisnauth

Now in its fifth year, CBI’s Compliance Monitoring Forum is the only life sciences event delivering tangible takeaways for building and enhancing monitoring programs. This conference empowers compliance professionals to apply data and monitoring resources to improve alignment with the business. Capitalize on this excellent opportunity to hear from regulatory agencies, benchmark with your peers and implement proactive strategies for improving compliance monitoring programs.

Featuring New and Cutting-Edge Content for 2017:

  • Identify data needed to monitor field force and promotional activities
  • Determine how to operate monitoring and auditing programs with limited resources
  • Foster a compliant culture and encourage corrective action throughout the organization
  • Measure the effectiveness of third-party partner monitoring programs
  • Boost collaboration between U.S. and global compliance teams

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