Porzio TPE

Manage high-risk engagements

Porzio TPE is a mobile-friendly, customizable solution for life sciences companies looking to manage high-risk, third party engagements.

Porzio Third Party Engagement (Porzio TPE) works to create seamless management of third party engagements for life science companies. Designed and built by the industry pioneers at Porzio Life Sciences, Porzio TPE provides an easy to implement, highly customizable digital solution layered with industry-leading compliance guidance delivered by the attorneys and business professionals from the Porzio team.

Powered by the industry-leading compliance solution, Porzio Compliance Digest (PCD)Porzio TPE combines real-time integration of laws and regulations with mobile-enabled, automated approval processes and workflows life sciences companies can efficiently and effectively manage any type of high-risk activity including:

    • speaker events
    • advisory boards, and
    • virtual conferences

Like all solutions from Porzio Life Sciences, Porzio TPE is built from the law. Unlike other HCP Engagement systems, Porzio TPE integrates technology and process with regulatory guidance through integration with PCD. Our end-to-end solution addresses all the major areas of risk including:

  • Anti-Kickback Statute violations
  • False Claims Act and Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) claims
  • Other anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws

Porzio TPE Key Facts

Flexibility and Integration

Best-in-class integrations with standard connectors to over 100 products and integration to any legacy ecosystem.

Compliance Focus

Use built-in analytics to gain insight and modify workflow in real-time to address business changes with no downtime.

Rapid Implementation

Quickly deploy globally across commercial, medical, and research teams.


User-friendly design and easy to use interface. Flexible workflow to fit regional needs based on activity type.


Contextual assistance and access to millions of industry regulations provided real-time via Porzio Compliance Digest integration.

Client Service

Access to Porzio Life Sciences industry professionals for service, guidance, and advice.

37 Ex-US Jurisdictions Served

4 Offices

370 Companies Served

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