VITO A. GAGLIARDI, JR, is President and CEO of Porzio Life Sciences, LLC.  Mr. Gagliardi sets the strategic goals of the company and is responsible for evaluating business opportunities such as geographic expansion, joint ventures, partnerships, and acquisitions. Mr. Gagliardi is also the Managing Principal of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C., and President and CEO of the other two firm's subsidiaries, Porzio Governmental Affairs and Porzio Compliance Services. In this capacity, he works closely the various Management Teams to ensure each company's products and services assist clients in operating effectively within today’s complex regulatory and legislative framework. 

Mr. Gagliardi received a J.D. from Washington & Lee University School of Law in 1989 and a B.A. from University of Notre Dame in1986.



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  • "Human Resources & Employment Law - National Labor Relations Board," ASAH's 2nd Annual Symposium, March 6, 2015.

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