CBI's 12th Annual Forum on Transparency & Aggregate Spend

August 20, 2018 – August 22, 2018 Washington, D.C.


MedPro Systems and Porzio Life Sciences are offering attendees a chance to have an individual hands-on demonstration and discussion of any component(s) of MedPro's and PorzioLS' suite of products and services, designed to address your global transparency and compliance needs.  To schedule a time to for a hands-on demonstration for these products and services, please send an email to Ed Crowe at

  • Porzio AggregateSpendID®–  The industry-leading end-to-end Aggregate Spend tracking and reporting solution that provides the Life Sciences industry with a complete transparency reporting solution with integrated data and regulatory components to comply with current and evolving US federal, state, and local spend transparency regulations.
  • Porzio GST®- A multi-lingual transparency and HCP risk management tool designed to facilitate compliance with the complex and evolving body o-US disclosure requirements and provide access to global data analytics.
  • Porzio Compliance Digest®- A database-driven solution that tracks current and emerging global, federal, state, and local compliance, legislative and regulatory developments.  A PCD subscription can include one or more of the following databases:  Distribution: Trade & Sample, Mid-Level Practitioner, Transparency & Limitations, Enforcement Actions (OPDP Promotional Violations, Government Prosecutions, PDMA Inspections) and access to PCD InfoCenter Updates. 
  • Porzio Life Sciences Consulting- A portfolio of services providing guidance, conducting assessments, and developing programs related to these and other topics: Privacy, Managed Care, HCP engagements and US Federal, State and International Transparency, FCPA and ABAC, State Licensing, and Product Promotion.
  • MedPro Concur Connect- Real-time HCP data within Concur Expense & Invoice for Federal Open Payments & State Aggregate Spend reporting with an automated data export to Porzio AggregateSpendID
  • MedPro WebID®- Interactive HCP and HCO license lookups against the 22M record MedProID database.
  • MedPro BulkID- Automated processing of HCP and HCO records to validate & enrich data lists.
  • MedPro DirectID- Real-time HCP and HCO license data integration with industry leading T&E, Sample Management, and CRM platforms such as


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