CBI's 5th Edition Drug Pricing Transparency Congress

September 18, 2019 – September 19, 2019 Philadelphia, PA

In light of recent focus on HHS’s proposal to eliminate rebates, the final rule on drug pricing in DTC ads, the Senate Finance Committee hearing with pharma CEOs and a strong legislative movement towards transparency, there is a heightened focus on drug pricing transparency in the United States. Recent federal and state rulings create lingering questions around legislation and compliance complexities that will impact the market in real-time, causing uncertainty.

Join CBI’s 5th Edition Drug Pricing Transparency Congress to convene with stakeholders to forecast how these recent regulations will impact commercialization, reimbursement, pricing and compliance practices. Assess the advancements of legislation made in 2019, collaborate on scenario planning for the future and share best practices for implementation.

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8:45 AM  State Drug Pricing Transparency Level-Set — Reporting and Requirements Landscape

John Oroho
Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
Porzio Life Sciences, LLC



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