PDMA 2015 Sharing Conference

September 27, 2015 – September 30, 2015 Baltimore, MD

 "Sunshine Act/CMS Open Payments 101: Don't Get Burned By What You Don't Know”

Over the past year, CMS has been issuing non-compliance letters to some companies for lack of reporting.  If you are reporting Open Payments data for the first time, or if you’ve received one of those dreaded CMS letters, you need to attend this workshop.  It will serve as a primer on CMS reporting and Open Payments transparency requirements and provide a look at processes and systems for data capture.

Speaker: John Patrick Oroho

Attendee: Cindy Alvarado 

Go beyond PDMA to the latest federal and state legislation compliance concerns. General session and workshop topics include:

  • Fraud & Abuse: Off Label Marketing
  • Risk Mitigation and Assessment: The Hot Points
  • PDMA 201: The Next Generation
  • CMS Open Payments 101
  • State Disclosure Reporting
  • And more!

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