Companies must comply with global, state and federal compliance obligations, especially physician payment Sunshine Act provisions, which require appropriate aggregate spend tracking measures.

Porzio Life Sciences offers business services and compliance solutions to help life sciences companies comply with federal, state and global regulations, including PDMA, anti-kickback statutes, False Claims Act, EFPIA, FDA and OIG regulations.

Porzio Compliance Digest

Helping you ensure that your licensing, distribution and marketing and sales practices remain compliant. Learn More

  • International Life Sciences Transparency Database
  • Enforcement Action Databases
  • Regulatory Compliance Databases

Distribution Licensing

We track requirements and offer automated versions of application forms, enabling you to get your product to market faster. Learn More

Porzio AggregateSpendID

We simplify Aggregate Spend Compliance with a Web-based tracking and reporting solution for the life sciences industry. Learn More

  • DisputeID

Porzio TPE

Manage high-risk engagements with a simple, end-to-end compliance solution. Learn More

Porzio GST

We help coordinate the tracking, monitoring, reviewing and reporting efforts of vendors, affiliated organizations and local country offices. Learn More

Compliance Services

Partnering with you to create a tailored plan that accomplishes your companies' goals in a way that works for your team, process and budget. Learn More

  • Customized Porzio Compliance Modules
  • Data Management
  • Reporting Management
  • Compliance Monitoring, Data Analytics & Risk Analysis
  • Significant Loss Threshold Assurance

Porzio Compliance Modules

Porzio Compliance Modules provide “at-a-glance” information, obtained through review of voluminous statutes, regulations and agency rules. Learn More

  • Legend Drug & Controlled Substance Sampling to Physicians and Alternatives to Sampling
  • Distribution: Trade and Sample
  • Pedigree Requirements
  • Mid-level Practitioner Sampling Authority
  • Transparency and Limitations

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