Porzio AggregateSpendID

A Web-based Tracking and Reporting Solution

Simplify Aggregate Spend Compliance with Web-based Tracking and Reporting

Compliance Challenges

  • Tracking and reporting interactions with healthcare providers (HCPs) and organizations (HCOs)
  • Adhering to spending limits
  • Establishing reporting parameters and formats
  • HCP communications and dispute resolution

Compliance Solutions

Porzio AggregateSpendID®
Porzio Life Sciences and MedPro Systems® have partnered to offer an end-to-end US aggregate spend solution to the life sciences industry. Through our Joint Venture Partnership, we offer Porzio AggregateSpendID®, a fully hosted, web-based aggregate spend tool that fuses MedPro's best-in-class data and matching technology with PorzioLS' 13 years of aggregate spend compliance expertise. The system enables companies to aggregate and track data from multiple sources and prepare compliant disclosure reports.

Key Capabilities
  • MedPro Systems' 18 million record HCP database and CMS Federal Teaching Hospital and NPI list
  • Ad Hoc reports for internal auditing of sales force trends
  • Integrated state and federal reporting rules and templates; companion audit and validation reports
  • Spend thresholds expense alerts
Additional Benefits

Dispute Resolution & Management 

Under the National Physician Payment Transparency Program: Open Payments, or the Sunshine Act, CMS will obtain and publish each manufacturer’s submitted data. Healthcare providers (HCPs) have the right to review and dispute reports that they believe are false, inaccurate, or misleading.

Compliance Challenges

  • Coordinating pre-submission HCP communications
  • Verifying data, and resolving discrepancies and disputes
  • Tracking and sorting large amounts of HCP data
  • Preparing reports for resubmission

Compliance Solutions

A module available to Porzio AggregateSpendID customers.

Key Capabilities:
  • Pre-Submission Ad Hoc Reports
    • Generate HCP target lists based on your chosen data criteria
    • Create exportable HCP spend transaction reports
  • Dispute Management
    • Record disputes from HCPs 
    • Link disputes to spend data transactions within Porzio AggregateSpendID
    • Assign disputes to company personnel
    • Email data directly to HCPs
    • Includes secure login allowing HCP review, dispute initiation and comment provision 
    • Generate metrics-based reports

During the past 13 years, PorzioLS and MedPro have worked together to offer compliance solutions to the life sciences industry. In 2010, PorzioLS and MedPro formalized this relationship by forming a Joint Venture Partnership.

MedPro Systems® was founded in 2001 to provide the best healthcare license solutions available, based upon the powerful integration of licensing data and information technology. The result is the industry-leading MedProID® suite of products and services. The MedProID® database contains over 18 million healthcare licenses from more than 800 state and federal sources. Currently over 400 customers use MedPro's solutions, including 21 of the Top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers.

To assist pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers with state and pending federal spend reporting requirements, MedPro Systems® is experienced in identifying and aggregating HCPs and entities across multiple data silos.

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