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For many companies, coordinating the tracking, monitoring, reviewing and reporting efforts and obligations of local country offices, affiliated organizations, and vendors is daunting.
Almost 40 jurisdictions outside the US have some type of transparency reporting requirement, each with significant and unique challenges. A successful solution must contemplate these challenges and provide practical and effective operational and compliance answers.

Compliance Challenges

Certain EFPIA member codes require data to be reported in multiple languages. How will your company facilitate the collection and reporting of data in multiple languages and currencies?
Consent and privacy:
Data privacy laws in Europe require affirmative consent to be provided in writing and they also include the right to revoke consent at any time.  How will your company collect information about HCP consent? What processes will your company employ to collect, store and audit consent information?
Cross border:
EFPIA's Disclosure Code aims to prevent double reporting by requiring companies report on HCPs according to their primary business address. How will your company track, aggregate and report spend on HCPs with addresses and interactions in multiple jurisdictions? Which local affiliate will be responsible for collecting the data?    
Reporting formats:
Of the almost 40 ex-US jurisdictions with reporting requirements, many have yet to issue specific formats, instructions or guidances to assist companies. How will your company track and manage the report formats and rules that currently exist or will be coming into effect across Europe, Japan, Australia and more? 

Compliance Solution

Porzio GST®, Provider Management Simplified.
Porzio GST® (GST™), a Global Spend Transparency solution, provides an easy-to-use, configurable interface that enables companies to capture and manage data elements necessary for meeting their reporting obligations in ex-US countries, including Europe, Japan and Australia.  
Key Capabilities:
  • Configurable User Interface that can be translated to local user's language
  • Consent management to track and audit consent, store PDFs and retroactively audit data when consent changes
  • Integration with Customer Master data to facilitate HCP matching and aggregation
  • HCP and HCO profile management to streamline the process for tracking addresses, agreements and interactions
  • "One-click" report generation, providing template reports that include value mappings, allocation methodologies, business rules and templates, as defined by each jurisdiction
  • Highly customizable Dashboards and Ad Hoc reports
Porzio GST® is PorzioLS' second expansion of services related to global transparency requirements. PorzioLS has also launched the International Life Sciences Transparency Database of the Porzio Compliance Digest. This database contains invaluable guidance on ex-US disclosure obligations pertaining to HCP and HCO payments. PorzioLS leveraged its extensive regulatory and operations experience related to US transparency and Sunshine Act requirements to create GST™, a robust, flexible and user-friendly tool for global transparency.

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